Work with me

Farzana offers trainings / skill shares and workshops for individuals,  community groups, organisations rooted in anti-oppression and intersectional practice. Her practice tailors the work to match the needs of those we work with, in terms of physical, emotional and mental capacity. She uses embodied, immersive and creative ways to create deep and transformative impact and process-led change. Farzana is a bilingual practitioner, trained in working with trauma-informed communities

A few examples of on areas of training usually requested:

  • Radical Arts  Education Practice
  • Anti- oppression, Unconscious Bias and Power & Privilege training
  • Intersectional Sustainability and Wellness

For individuals:  one to one coaching, mentoring, consulting, bodywork training and support.  Aimed to equip people with the emotional skills and strategies to bring about effective political interventions and promote a future grounded in justice.  drawing on black and brown practices of self and community healing to create creative coping strategies and building resilience inside out.

For community groups, organisations and institutions:  trainings, workshops, consulting, organisational developments, retreats and work away-days. Aimed to develop resources tailored to your group and environment to collectively support ways to consciously break reproducing harms/ violence in our environments. To support and steer organisational strategy and direction. 

If you use or benefit from Farzana Khan’s work, resources, trainings or models, please honour and uplift her and the communities this work comes from by appropriately referencing or resourcing us or investing in our work. This encourages the impact can go further. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact us.