I am curious about what comes into being because I did…

Farzana Khan is a writer, director, cultural producer and award-winning arts educator.

Farzana is the co-founder and Director of Healing Justice London, building community repair and self-transformation models based on non-eurocentric methods for communities of colour. Farzana has over 10 years of background in Youth and Community work particularly focused on arts-based education projects both in the UK and internationally. Her academic focus has been on radical and transformative education through creativity.  Farzana was the creative and strategic director at Voices that Shake, a project that brings together young people artists and campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice. She ran this working at Platform London, a climate and social justice organisation working across arts. education, research and activism.

Farzana is a Fellow at the International Curatorial Forum. Currently, with the Stuart Hall Foundation, she is mapping cultural resistance in the UK with launching and curating the Black Cultural Black Activism Map. Her areas of work and writing focus on gender, racial justice and self and social transformation to interrupt cycles of harm and violence in service of community repair and self-healing. Farzana is a trustee at the Racial Justice Network.